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3Shape TRIOS 4 with MOVE+

Release Time:2020-08-13Publisher:Full-form


Advances in digital dental technology like the 3Shape TRIOS® 4 intraoral scanner and TRIOS MOVE+ enable dentists to perform increasingly consistent, predictable, and accurate treatment procedures. Patients benefit from improved comfort and involvement in treatment planning that engages and excites them about their options and predicted outcomes.

The MOVE+ features an expanded, 15.6” HD touchscreen mounted on an ergonomic, adjustable arm. This helps dentists position the screen to share TRIOS intraoral scans with patients and acts as a canvas to design and discuss treatment plans. 


The screen and arm are attached to an elegant, easy-to-move stand with a PC that delivers fast and smooth scanning technology. The iconic, minimalist design is complemented by graceful details like subtle roundings and premium, brushed aluminum reflecting MOVE+’s Danish DNA.

The TRIOS 4 continues 3Shape’s legacy of developing the most advanced, accurate intraoral scanners in the dental industry. 

A marriage of form and function, the wireless TRIOS 4 combines innovations like caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools with a distinctive, ergonomic design that guarantees better patient and operator comfort.

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